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Arpeggios of Art

I wanted to do some character art pieces for the Highsong series in order to promote it. I’m an artist myself, but I do not do my own book covers. (Those are done by my good friend Erika Baird.) It’s … Continue reading

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Concertinas of Consortiums

So, I live out in the middle of nowhere. I know that I say I live near Austin, but that’s because that’s just way easier to say. But my tiny library has ebook borrowing, so I figured I’d post about … Continue reading

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Canzonas of CreateSpace, Part 1

I thought I would give CreateSpace a shot, since I’d heard about it and it wouldn’t get in the way of the Highsong series being Amazon exclusive. I’ve also had quite a few would-be fans say they don’t have Kindles … Continue reading

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Risen Available on Kindle Now!

Just in time for Cyber Monday! Purchase it here. Nearly two years after surviving the incident on Ptaal, the unique psychic abilities of Harp Hess and his dolphin companion Sia have captured the attention of the Ninth Democracy. Isolated from … Continue reading

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Rigadoons of Regret

Finally, FINALLY, Risen is being published, I swear! Just in time for Cyber Monday, the sequel will be available. I apologize that things took so long! Most of it was computer trouble, but a good chunk of it was also … Continue reading

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Risen Resurrection

So, it’s been a while. I’ve been working on many other writing projects, but the sequel to Highsong is nearing completion. I’ll announce the official release date soon, but in the meantime here’s a nifty preview of the cover for … Continue reading

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Elegy of Efforts, Part 3

So this week, I’ve done some more things to drum up popularity for Highsong and thought I’d share them. * Took out a Facebook ad, because they offered $50 for free. * Took out a small banner ad on one … Continue reading

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