Elegy of Efforts, Part 3

So this week, I’ve done some more things to drum up popularity for Highsong and thought I’d share them.

* Took out a Facebook ad, because they offered $50 for free.

* Took out a small banner ad on one of my favorite webcomics, Gunnerkrigg Court. What the book has earned so far will pay for it, so yay!

* Emailed the Guys at Penny Arcade, because what the hell.  I’ve got nothing to lose, do I?

* Posted on The Domestic Fringe’s Fiction Friday.

* Asked folks in my ring to tag-bomb on Amazon, and also traded tagging with a lot of folks on the Amazon indie/ebook forums.


About coyoteclockwork

I am 29 and living on the outskirts of the North Austin, TX area. I'm an illustrator and a writer of YA fantasy. I'm also an avid video gamer and have a lot of background in good-old tabletop RPG, when I'm not editing manuscripts for myself or part of my writing group at the Austin SCBWI.
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