Elegy of Effort, Part 2

So, it’s been a week since the book released.  I’ve sold 23 copies between Amazon and Smashwords, got two 5-star reviews and one 4 star on Amazon, and have 2 independent bloggers willing to review the book.  Not too shabby!

I thought I’d post a list of the things I did during the week to market the book, so other people can start making their own.

*Posted about the book EVERYWHERE.

*Emailed all my friends.

*Emailed all of my writing circles.

*Posted on my art blog and art forum (asking for reviews from everyone, but only one of my friends posted on Amazon!)

*Posted on Facebook.

*Tweeted about the release.

* Emailed 15 reviewers with a request to review the book (2 said yes, 2 said no, and the rest I’m still waiting on.)

* Made a Listmania! on Amazon that included my own book (shameless!)

*Started reviewing other books on Amazon to try and get to 100 reviews so my user profile gets noticed (and thus my book.)  This one’s gonna take a while, though.

* Posted a profile page of the book on TvTropes, because I just freaking love that website.  And Twittered about it.

I will say: thank god for my tagline, my summary, and my book trailer.  Taking the time to make these high quality paid off, because I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel every time I was trying to tell someone about the book.


About coyoteclockwork

I currently live near Salt Lake City, Utah, a dinosaur mecca! I write and illustrate YA fantasy books. I grew up in Texas on five acres, training dogs to pull carts and riding horses. I am largely self-taught as an artist, and prefer digital media. I just released my first big indy novel with the help of Kickstarter: a full color dinosaur novel with 100+ illustrations, Mark of the Conifer.
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