Ballads of Book Trailers, Part 5

So, two things that really caught me up pretty bad were file compression and legibility.  I feel like a fool for allowing two critical elements like that slip through the cracks, but my mistake shouldn’t have to be yours.  (Really, I didn’t know Youtube doesn’t support .swf format.  If it had, neither would have been a problem. Also, you can’t post anything that advertises a product on Vimeo!)

1.  File types of .AVI and .MPEG are probably your best bet.  Most streaming video sites accept these formats.  Avoid compressing your sound or video if you’re converting; I tried my damndest and still got somewhat pixelated quality.  (It also took me a full day to upload to Youtube.)   Windows Media player automatically publishes or outputs in these file types.  Flash can output in .AVI, but you obviously run a risk there.  MPEG is preferred, from what I read online, but I took what I could get.

2. Legibility is kinda important.  I uploaded a very compressed version of my perfectly crisp Flash file to Youtube, only to discover my words were blurs.  Not just hard to read, but out and out blurs.  Cue cursing and redoing all my text, deleting the crappy video, and waiting a full day for the non-compressed .AVI to load.  Be sure to check your legibility in the raw file before you upload.  It will save you heartbreak.  I suppose the great thing about technology is that I can always try again.  Try a different file compressor or converter and mayhaps get a cleaner file and upload it again.  Considering I would have probably settled for a paper dolphin pasted to a popsicle stick at this point, I’m pleased enough with the results. We’ll see. (Of course, any tech tips are appreciated.)

For now, I have one last round of rewrites before I start formatting for an ebook.  I also need to contact some book reviewers.  Which one comes first depends, so we’ll see.


About coyoteclockwork

I currently live near Salt Lake City, Utah, a dinosaur mecca! I write and illustrate YA fantasy books. I grew up in Texas on five acres, training dogs to pull carts and riding horses. I am largely self-taught as an artist, and prefer digital media. I just released my first big indy novel with the help of Kickstarter: a full color dinosaur novel with 100+ illustrations, Mark of the Conifer.
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2 Responses to Ballads of Book Trailers, Part 5

  1. Congratulations on completing the book trailer. It certainly made me want to read the book. When will it be available?

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