Hymn of Haikus

Hooray, I got my first Twitter follower!  After only a single tweet.  Not bad, says I.  I’ve also posted on my DA account to let folks there know about the project, and made the recommendation of Highsong’s fanpage to all my friends on Facebook.  From here on out is going to be the real hard work.

For those who wonder, I write in haikus on Twitter because it’s the format Highsong appears in the titular story.  I used it because it was a simple way to indicate that Highsong is a psychic impression that is conveyed in rhythm.  (Much of the story is a love letter to David Brin’s Uplift universe, which in turn inspired my beloved Ecco, and a dash of Seaquest DSV for good measure.)

Oh, yes.  Twitter has limited characters, so haikus are a good way for me keep myself short and sweet.

Enya has nothing on Ecco. Relax!


About coyoteclockwork

I currently live near Salt Lake City, Utah, a dinosaur mecca! I write and illustrate YA fantasy books. I grew up in Texas on five acres, training dogs to pull carts and riding horses. I am largely self-taught as an artist, and prefer digital media. I just released my first big indy novel with the help of Kickstarter: a full color dinosaur novel with 100+ illustrations, Mark of the Conifer.
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