Elegy of Effort

So, the first things I’ve done so far are make a Facebook page for Highsong.  Seemed like the right place to start.  I added the “Like” box to this blog by connecting it to Facebook, which was a nice touch.  Everything is very accessible (WordPress and Facebook and Twitter work together like the Triforce)
So, tips for making a Facebook page for your book are as follows:

1. You need your pitch line. A single sentence that sums up your story.  That’s right.  You get one.  If you haven’t read a new book lately, you can usually find a pitch line for a novel on the copyright page.  Post your pitch line in the “About” line or the “Description” one.  I chose to fill out both.
2.  Your 3-5 sentence book blurb. This is the thing that would be on your inside book flap or on the back, if your book were paper.  Even though this is an ebook, I still maintain that you should have a concise summary and pitch line, because the Internet is the place for short attention spans.  If you can’t be concise, you need to rewrite more.]
I want to start a Twitter account, but I need to read up on it more.  Namely how to make compelling posts.    Then I’ll probably look into something over at GoodReads, to see about drumming up some interest there.

I emailed two Ecco the Dolphin fansites about becoming affiliates, because I think that anyone who follows the fansites would probably be interested in a story about a psychic dolphin who fights aliens.  That’d be another tip:

3. Find affiliated markets and don’t be afraid to approach them! That reminds me, I probably need to post on a Facebook Ecco page …


About coyoteclockwork

I am 29 and living on the outskirts of the North Austin, TX area. I'm an illustrator and a writer of YA fantasy. I'm also an avid video gamer and have a lot of background in good-old tabletop RPG, when I'm not editing manuscripts for myself or part of my writing group at the Austin SCBWI.
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